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1. How many geosites are there altogether in Langkawi UNESCO Global Geopark?
In total, there are 38 geosites in Langkawi.

2. Can I visit geosites on my own?
Visitors are advised to utilise certified tourist guide service for safety and accurate information delivery purposes.

3. How do I lodge reports if I see any defects or disruptions in the visited geosites?
Reports can be lodged to LADA in written form (visitors are encouraged to attach pictures related to reports or complaints lodged) for the ease of location identification and report management.

4. How can I access the geosites?
Several geosites are accessible by land transportations such as bicycles, motorcycles, and cars. However, some other geosites are only accessible by boat.

5. How much is the fee charge for a geosite visit?
There is no fee charge for geosite visit arrangement. For further enquiries related to geosites, visitors are welcomed to contact Product Monitoring Unit at 04-9600 660, 04-9600 625, or 04-9600 635.

6. Is there any fixed schedule for visiting Geopark Discovery Centre (GDC)?
Geopark Discovery Centre (GDC) operates daily including on Fridays and Saturdays from 9.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m., except on public holidays.

7. Is there any fee charge for visiting GDC?
Entrance to GDC is free of charge.

8. What are the programmes organised by geopark that I can join and if there are any, what are the participation requirements?
There are a few geopark programmes that can be participated by the public, such as:

i. GeoMangrove Programme
ii. Geosite Clean-Up Programme
iii. GeoCoral Programme
iv. Mangrove Tour Programme

For further enquiries, please contact Geopark Information and Education Unit, Geopark Discovery Centre (GDC) at 04-950 2130 or 04-950 2142.

9. Where can I retrieve complete information on Langkawi UNESCO Global Geopark (LUGGp)?
Complete information on Langkawi UNESCO Global Geopark (LUGGp) can be retrieved from the official website of LUGGp at

Event Management and Product Development Section2021-11-24T10:18:18+08:00


Event Management Unit

1. How can I apply for sports event, tournament, or competition organising in Langkawi?

Application for sports event, tournament, or competition organising which involves collaboration with LADA can be made by submitting letter of application attached with complete proposal to Chief Executive Officer of LADA, Level 8, LADA Complex, 07000 Langkawi, Kedah. Applicant is also welcomed to contact Event Management Unit at 04-9600 634 for any related enquiries.

2. What are the kinds of support and collaboration that LADA can provide for sports event, tournament, or competition organising in Langkawi?

LADA acts as the coordinator for various events through the method of providing support. This include organising coordination meeting with different government agencies, providing workforce from LADA for event logistic matters, permitting the use of LADA’s logo as collateral for promotional materials, and coordinating protocols involving VIPs, ‘meet and greet’ sessions, cultural dances, as well as food and beverage preparation (nature of help and support given varies according to event).

In addition, events organised in collaboration with LADA and involves the use of this agency’s premises such as Langkawi Sports Complex (KSL), Mahsuri International Exhibition Centre (MIEC), LADA Auditorium, and others will be charged with minimum rental fee rate, subject to approval of LADA’s Management.

3.What are the kinds of event application that LADA evaluates and supports?

Laman Padi Unit

1. Are there any activities prepared for visitors of Laman Padi?
Laman Padi menyediakan beberapa aktiviti menarik untuk para pengunjung seperti berikut:

i. Selecting paddy seeds
ii. Paddy cultivating
iii. Paddy harvesting and threshing (subject to varying circumstances at the museum and paddy planting season)
iv. Herbal garden visit
v. Museum visit
vi. Snail hunting
vii. Demonstration on land ploughing with buffaloes
viii. Demonstration on coconut peeling and grating

2. How much is the fee charge for each activity?
The fee charge for each activity is RM 5.00.

3. What are the operating hours of Laman Padi?

Laman Padi operates daily from 9.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m.

Tourism Development and Promotion Section2021-11-24T09:22:09+08:00

Unit MICE dan Promosi

1. Are there any incentives offered by LADA to MICE groups visiting Langkawi?
Yes, LADA does provide such incentives. For further enquiries, please contact MICE and Promotion Unit at 04-9600 623 or 04-9600 619.

2. What are the necessary requirements for MICE incentive application?
The requirements to be fulfilled before applying for MICE incentives are as follows:

i. At least 80 participants and above.
ii. Must stay in Langkawi for at least three (3) nights.

3. What are the requirements to participate in the organised tourism promotion programmes?

i. Applicant must be registered with Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture Malaysia (MOTAC).
ii. Applicant must hold valid and active license.

Industrial Development Unit

1. Are there any courses organised by LADA for tourism industry players?

LADA does organise a few courses for tourism industry players, for instance Kursus Mesra Malaysia (course for tourism service upgrading) and Kursus Peningkatan Kemahiran (course focusing on diversifying skills).

2. I understand that LADA has introduced a programme known as ‘Kuah Down To Memory Lane’ for tourists visiting Langkawi. If I am interested, how do I join this programme?

‘Kuah Down To Memory Lane’ is a collaborative programme between LADA and Langkawi Tourist Guide Association (LTGA). Anyone interested is welcomed to join this programme and may directly contact LTGA for further enquiries and arrangements.

Product Development Unit

1. How may I retrieve statistics related to tourist entries into Langkawi?
Application to retrieve statistics on tourist entries into Langkawi can be made by contacting Product Development Unit at 04-9600 631 or 04-9600 811.

2. Does LADA keep data related to total or number of hotels available in Langkawi?
Yes. For further enquiries, please contact Product Development Unit at 04-9600 631 or 04-9600 811.

What is bribery?2021-08-24T08:30:45+08:00

In general, bribery is the act of giving or receiving gratification in the form of cash or valuables as reward for doing an action that is related to an individual’s field of task.


A contractor presents a luxury watch to a government servant as an inducement to approve a project which belongs to the former’s company.


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