List of Divisions & Units in LADA, the driving forces behind the continuity and excellence of LADA and Langkawi.


ourism is the most important sector for Langkawi’s economic activities. The Tourism Division was established to design and promote Langkawi as the world’s finest tourism destination.

LADA also handles all tourism-related matters including the Langkawi International Maritime Aerospace Exhibition (LIMA), MATTA Fair, Tourism Festivals, Ironman Langkawi. The latest responsibility is to also promote Langkawi Geopark to the eyes of the world. In effort to introduce Langkawi, tourism promotions had been conducted in Berlin, Australia, Finland, and Dubai.


Crafting Langkawi into a sustainable tourism island, subsequently emerging as one of the main attractions of international and local tourists.


Spurring the tourism development inclusively through innovative tourism product development, holistic tourism community development, participation in international and domestic promotional programmes, and organising of events.


  • Making tourism industry as a/an key, sustainable, feasible, and exceptional sector.
  • Developing tourism industry into a source of income and employments for the community.
  • Strengthening and enhancing the quality of tourism service system.
  • Promoting Langkawi in and out of the country professionally, effectively, and continuously to fulfil the tourists’ demands.
  • Examining and reviewing programmes by private sectors requesting for collaborations, in line with LADA’s mission to craft Langkawi into a high-value ecotourism destination.
  • Developing and promoting Niche Tourism segments focusing on ecotourism and geotourism
  • Identifying and enhancing flight and luxury cruise networks in Langkawi.
  • Planning, managing, and implementing cultural and tourism programmes and activities through performances, exhibitions, briefings, and demonstrations organised to attract local and international tourists.
  • Bidding with MyCEB, agencies, and related associations to organise international conferences and exhibitions in Langkawi.
  • Fostering bilateral and multilateral relationships in tourism collaboration and promotion fields.
  • Forging networks with PATA, UNESCO Global Geopark, APGN, Sistership, and Island Geopark Group.
  • Conducting programmes available in UNESCO Global Geopark calendar and participating in conferences organised by UNESCO Global Geopark.
  • Managing Geopark Discovery Centre as a referral source related to geoparks in Asia-Pacific and promoting Langkawi UNESCO Global Geopark at the global arena.
  • Establishing partnership with Satun UNESCO Global Geopark towards Transnational Geopark.

Langkawi Development Authority (LADA) Finance Division is the agency’s nucleus of finance administration. This division is also entirely responsible in ensuring each involved transaction complies with effective Financial Procedure Act from time to time.


  • Preparing Annual Financial Statement.
  • Preparing Financial Performance Report.
  • Preparing Annual Budget.
  • Managing and accounting revenue collection and receipt.
  • Managing and processing bill/invoice payment.
  • Processing salary and allowance/incentive payment.

Human Resource and Management Services Division plays the key role in managing service, administration, and asset governance affairs in LADA.

This division determines the direction of general administration through competent and effective planning, control, and management in line with the requirements of effective regulations and guidelines as well as LADA’s mission and vision. This division also acts as the data hub to update career and personnel information of LADA.

In addition, the division also manages and carries out maintenance of public infrastructures owned by LADA.


  • Public administration.
  • Human resource planning and organisational development.
  • Personnel development.
  • Information management.
  • Quality management.
  • Financial administration.
  • Reviewing service and administration related policies appropriate for consideration and approval of LADA Board of Directors.
  • Managing and maintaining assets and premises owned by LADA.


Private investment management on lands owned by LADA
  • Preparing market, socio-economic, and potential investment studies related to Langkawi Island tourism industry and economic development as well as potential investment and tourism product proposals to increase the competitiveness of Langkawi tourism industry.
  • Identifying investment or partnership potentials profitable for LADA.
  • Generating investments to Langkawi in compliance with the needs of its development.
  • Encouraging the locals to participate in investments on Langkawi.
  • Encouraging the locals to participate in investments on Langkawi.
  • Issuing RFP and identifying private companies with potentials to manage tourism centres and business assets developed by LADA.
  • Preparing analyses and paper works for investment application approval purpose on lands owned by LADA.
  • Collecting data related to investment values in Langkawi from time to time.
  • Preparing the latest investment value statistics on a quarterly basis.
Investment Promotion in Langkawi
  • Conducting promotional activities for Langkawi as a destination of choice for local and international investors.
  • Establishing joint venture networks with private and government agencies from investment sector.
  • Providing advisory services to companies interested to invest on Langkawi in unison with strategies and plans of Langkawi Island development.
  • Preparing guidelines or brochures related to investment
Managing and Operating (M & O) LADA Assets.
  • Identifying potentials for LADA assets M & O.
  • Preparing analyses and paper works for M & O application approval purpose.


Development of Small & Medium Enterprise (SME) Entrepreneurs.
  • Provide a platform/business development program that focuses on local SME entrepreneurs of Small or Medium level
  • Establishing partnership with agencies related to entrepreneurial development of SMEs.
  • Helping to promote products of Langkawi SME entrepreneurs in global market.
  • Facilitating SME entrepreneurs in terms of infrastructure support, financial facilities, market access, and other business management advisory services.
  • Facilitating and guiding SME entrepreneurs to develop their businesses to a higher level.
    Monitoring the increase of businesses and employment opportunities in Langkawi.
  • Monitoring the increase in business and employment opportunities in Langkawi.Monitoring the increase in business and employment opportunities in Langkawi.
[/fusion_highlight]Consolidating Langkawi as a Duty-Free Island.
  • Promoting and encouraging trading activities of premium/exclusive goods.
  • Initiating the consolidation of duty-free-based economic activities.

Planning Division is responsible to arrange plans and ensure the sustainable development of Langkawi Island. This follows the objective of its town planning to create a region capable of fulfilling the needs of its current community without forsaking that of its future community.

The division will constantly ensure to prioritise planning principles in development planning to safeguard Langkawi Island’s status as the world’s leading tourism island.


  • Planning physical development on LADA lands.
  • Updating development planning information of Langkawi in Geographic Information System (GIS).
  • Distributing information related to land use and assets of LADA for development purpose.
  • Supervising and managing lands owned by LADA.
  • Preparing Development Plan with Local Authorities.
  • Providing landscape development planning and maintenance at LADA assets through appointed contractors.
  • Coordinating LADA Planning, Development, and Investment Committee Meeting.
  • Preparing project summaries for new projects under The Malaysia Plan (RMK).
  • Preparing proposal reports of projects presented by investors/developers.
  • Preparing paper works for LADA Board of Directors.
  • Controlling and guiding project planning and development.
  • Preparing reviews on Planning Permission Application as well as Environment Impact Assessment (EIA), Traffic Impact Assessment (TIA), and Social Impact Assessment (SIA) Reports.
  • Preparing planning information for customers.
    Attending Langkawi Municipal Council (MPLBP) One Stop Centre (OSC) Committee Meeting.
  • Acting as a member of State Planning Committee.
  • Providing development proposal reviews in Kedah Economic Council (KEC).

echnical Engineering Division was established to coordinate the development of Langkawi in effort to mobilise the tourism industry without neglecting the nature’s splendour which is the most vital asset for Langkawi in attracting local and international tourists.


  • Fully responsible for executing infrastructure and public utilities development projects in accordance with Langkawi Structure Plan and ensuring development projects are executed following planning schedule.

nformation Technology Division was established to manage all aspects related to Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in LADA. The division is divided into two main sections namely System & Multimedia Development Section and Infrastructure & Technical Section.


  • Drafting, planning, and executing Information Technology Strategic Plan, LADA ICT policies, and Public Service ICT policies.
  • Planning and preparing ICT budgets as well as executing ICT acquisition.
  • Managing LADA ICT contracts.
  • Monitoring and handling issues related to ICT project execution.
  • Managing ICT assets and disposition.
  • Coordinating and monitoring JPICT Meeting results.
  • Regulating ICT governance, integrity, and audit in LADA.


  • Implementing planning, needs assessment, design, development, testing, execution, and maintenance of LADA application system developed in-house.
  • Providing operational support service to application system prepared by the Ministry.
  • Providing operational support service to LADA internal system developed by provider.
  • Implementing ICT acculturation, competency reinforcement, and reskilling of selected LADA staff and community.
  • Designing multimedia materials (banner, poster, montage, bunting banner, etc.) for tourism, sports, investment, and community development programmes promotions/reports.
  • Developing, managing, and maintaining LADA websites.


  • Managing operation and maintaining LADA network infrastructure.
  • Managing operation and maintaining LADA network system security.
  • Managing operation and maintaining LADA servers.
  • Managing operation and maintaining LADA server room infrastructure.
  • Providing operational support for and maintaining LADA ICT equipment.
  • Managing and monitoring LADA e-mail communication.
  • Managing data backup.

Comprises 3 Units:

  • Asset Rental and Management Unit
  • Commercial Product & Facility Management Unit
  • Maintenance Unit


  • Responsible in managing all movable/fixed assets (including commercial products and other facilities) owned by LADA under the following aspects:

    • Management and registration.
    • Management and control of usage, storage, and inspection
    • Management and control of maintenance.
    • Management and control of loss and write-off.
    • Management and control of disposition.



    Mempunyai 3 Unit iaitu:

    1. Unit Sewaan Pengurusan Aset
    2. Unit Pengurusan Produk Komersial & Fasiliti
    3. Unit Penyelenggaraan

     Bertanggungjawab dalam menguruskan semua aset alih/tak alih (termasuk produk komersial dan lain-lain fasiliti) milik LADA di bawah kawalannya meliputi:
    o Pengurusan dan pendaftaran
    o Pengurusan dan kawalan penggunaan, penyimpanan dan pemeriksaan
    o Pengurusan dan kawalan peyelenggaraan
    o Pengurusan dan kawalan kehilangan dan hapus kira
    o Pengurusan dan kawalan pelupusan

    Pengurusan Aset yang Cekap, Efisen dan Berkualiti

    Memastikan aset dan fasiliti LADA diuruskan serta diselenggara dengan teratur demi keselesaan pengguna
    Memastikan penggunaan aset dan fasiliti LADA dapat dioptimumkan ASSET MANAGEMENT DIVISION

    Comprises 3 Units:

    Asset Rental and Management Unit
    Commercial Product & Facility Management Unit
    Maintenance Unit

    Responsible in managing all movable/fixed assets (including commercial products and other facilities) owned by LADA under the following aspects:
    Management and registration.
    Management and control of usage, storage, and inspection.
    Management and control of maintenance.
    Management and control of loss and write-off.
    Management and control of disposition.

    Competent, Efficient, and Quality Asset Management

    Ensuring LADA assets and facilities are effectively managed and maintained for users’ convenience.
    Ensuring the usage of LADA assets and facilities can be optimized.


  • Ensuring LADA assets and facilities are effectively managed and maintained for users’ convenience.
  • Ensuring the usage of LADA assets and facilities can be optimized.

Internal Audit Unit plays an essential role in supporting the management to evaluate the effectiveness of all control and governance processes in LADA. Therefore, this unit is responsible in executing auditing on financial and project managements following the approved Annual Audit Plan. In addition, special auditing is also carried out according to the needs and requirements of the management.


  • Reviewing the credibility, comprehensiveness, and accuracy of records and financial data. This includes reviewing all methods used in identifying, measuring, and reporting information as well as conducting investigations on transactions, balance, and procedures.
  • Reviewing related accounting and internal control systems. This ensures the achievability of the management’s objective and compliance level towards legal policies and regulations.
  • Ensuring all government’s properties are kept, recorded, and protected from losses, frauds, and corruptions.
  • Systematically evaluating operations in terms of economy, competency, effectiveness, and suitability in any resources managed and used.
  • Preparing a non-biased, objective, clear, and timely report regarding operational journey for the management.

LADA is the torchbearer of exponential development in Langkawi. Aiming to become an agency to develop the island, LADA works with support from Legal Unit by laying out strategies in updating legal and corporate matters to further solidify and organise them. The Legal Unit has been giving legal advisory services in its best effort to ensure the rights and interests of LADA are well-protected and guaranteed.


  • Providing legal advisory services of which being referred to by the CEO, Deputy CEO, and each Head of Department.
  • Preparing, reviewing, and executing legal documents.
  • Reviewing agreements and contracts or memorandum of understanding presented by any Ministries or private companies.
  • Ensuring each case related to LADA to be examined in details and follows the legal procedures provisioned under Act 423 and related Laws.
  • Taking note of each ongoing case at the court, its status, the court’s decision, and reporting the information to the management.
  • Liaising with the panel of lawyers appointed to ensure each order regarding case or agreement be executed immediately.
  • Attending court trial cases if required.


Frontrunner to professional and strategic corporate communication and public relations.


Consolidating the corporate image of department through strategic communication management and public relations as well as inclusive community development.


  • Understanding, preserving, and enhancing the image of department through effective dissemination of service information.
  • Establishing harmonious corporate relations with industry, media, stakeholders, and clients.
  • Managing and regulating all activities related to complaints given by department.
  • Managing and regulating all activities
    Implementing inclusive community development programmes to enhance the well-being of Langkawi community.


  • Coordinating LADA’s reviews/feedbacks regarding Jemaah Menteri (Council of Ministers)/Dewan Rakyat (House of Representatives), Dewan Negara (Senate), and Dewan Undangan Negeri (State Legislative Assembly) meeting preparations.
  • Coordinating LADA’s response draft for Ministers regarding questions posed by House of Representatives Members and Senators.
  • Managing the preparation of speech texts for LADA’s Top Management.
  • Coordinating and preparing the publication of bulletins, annual reports, calendars, and other related publications.
  • Distributing publications received by LADA.
  • Managing LADA library including collection, acquisition, and borrowing of LADA library books.
  • Managing daily record of main newspaper reports and online news related to LADA and Langkawi.
  • Monitoring and executing creative management on LADA’s official website ( and social media.
  • Preparing media monitoring report.
  • Coordinating announcement of LADA programmes and activities via LADA’s social media.
  • Coordinating photography assignment for coverage of LADA events and programmes.
  • Handling Knowledge LADA (K-LADA).
  • Providing secretariat service for special meetings at LADA.
  • Managing relations between LADA and media.
  • Managing official souvenirs of department.


  • Planning and coordinating LADA corporate image affairs.
  • Coordinating and handling official visits and knowledge sharing sessions with external agencies.
  • Delivering briefings related to Langkawi Development Authority.
  • Managing LADA customer satisfaction and impact of delivery system effectiveness surveys.
  • Coordinating and monitoring LADA complaint management.
  • Facilitating LADA customer and stakeholder relations.
  • Coordinating reception of visits from international delegations.
  • Menyelaras dan memantau Pegawai Khidmat Pelanggan serta sistem telefonis LADA.
  • Coordinating and monitoring LADA Customer Service Officer and telephonist system.
  • Managing allocation of LADA Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).
  • Conducting Corporate Services Unit meetings.


  • Planning, coordinating, and managing small projects of community infrastructure.
  • Planning, drafting, coordinating, and managing social development, human capital, spiritual, and economic programmes for community development and participation in Langkawi.
  • Coordinating community programmes/activities organised by other agencies in Langkawi at LADA level.
  • Implementing relation matters of LADA, government agencies, and private sectors with local community.
  • Preparing and managing Community Development Strategic Plan following requirements.
  • Acting as data and information collection centre pertaining to Langkawi community.

elivery Management Office


  • Coordinating Langkawi Tourism Blueprint (BPL) 2011 – 2015 project monitoring.
  • Secretariat of Langkawi Tourism Blueprint (BPL).
  • Analysing project implementation with implementing departments/agencies.
  • Identifying and coordinating improvements done by agencies to be reported to stakeholders.

Integrity Unit is one of LADA’s initiatives to ensure the practice of ideal work culture with firm moral and ethical traits by LADA officers and staff, therefore uplifting their sense of patriotism. This corresponds with government’s intention of establishing Integrity Unit as a focal point to administrative issues related to integrity in all public agencies. This initiative can contain criminal misconducts as well as violations of organisational code of conducts and ethics among public servants.


  • Ensuring the implementation of top-tier governance.
  • Ensuring the acculturation, instituting, and implementation of integrity in organisation.
  • Identifying and verifying complaints on criminal misconducts as well as violations of organisational code of conducts and ethics, hence ensuring the undertaking of follow-up actions.
  • Reporting criminal misconducts to responsible enforcement agencies.
  • Receiving and taking actions based on all complaints/information pertaining to criminal misconducts as well as violations of organisational code of conducts and ethics.
  • Ensuring compliance of effective laws and regulations.
  • Executing the secretariat functions of Disciplinary Board.