The journey up to Machinchang Peak via Langkawi’s cable car, notably known as Langkawi SkyCab, is verily an incredible experience. Machinchang Mountain (Gunung Machinchang) is 550-million-year-old and is the oldest mountain in Southeast Asia. Langkawi SkyCab will leave you with a unique experience whereby you can enjoy not only the splendid view of mountain but also the breathtaking sight of diverse flora and fauna available here, which even words could not do them justice.

Staring from the Base Station located at the foot of Machinchang Mountain, visitors will be taken to the cooling and refreshing Middle Station, before continuing up to the Top Station. The total distance travelled across the three stations is 1,700 metres, taking up about 13 minutes of journey. At the height of 650 metres from sea level, visitors could walk onto the Viewing Platform upon arrival at the Middle Station to witness the stunning 360-degree vista. Here, they are entitled to the privilege of watching the panoramic view of some Langkawi parts along with its surrounding islands.

Once reaching the Top Station, two Viewing Platforms of Machinchang Peak await the visitors at the height of 708 metres from sea level. It is precisely at the mountain’s peak here where guests could behold the infinite picturesque landscape, unique geological shapes of mountains, and stone tower peak, along with the islands surrounding Langkawi including the ones located in the Southern Thai region. These natural monuments can hardly be observed in places other than Langkawi, particularly at the Machinchang Peak.

Operating Hours: 9.30 a.m – 7.00 p.m
Location: Foot of Machinchang Mountain