LADA Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Hezri Adnan had spent about two hours with a group of youths at a house known as Rumah Kita Kitar (‘House We Recycle’). Just like the name, the house is used as a gathering location for the youths to carry out recycling activities of used or discarded glass and plastic bottles, drift nets, and wood waste. These materials were then reused to build their house and gathering place. Some materials were also turned into art sculptures.

In addition, the ‘Beach Boy’ group has their own online radio station. The most interesting part of the group would be the fact that all members are workers involved with beach activities such as jet-skiing, banana boat riding, kayaking, and surfing.

Afterwards, Dr. Hezri also visited Pantai Tengah to watch the ‘beach boy’ group doing their favourite surfing activity.