On 31st December 2019, the launching ceremony of ‘Langkawi Calendar of Events 2020’ was gloriously held at Dataran Lang, Langkawi in conjunction with the Visit Malaysia Year 2020 celebration. Aiming to advertise the publication of Langkawi’s ‘Calendar of Events 2020’ to the public specifically to tourism activists and tourists, this event also welcomed the celebration of ‘Visit Malaysia Year 2020’ as launched by YAB Malaysian Prime Minister.

The launching ceremony took on the concept of ‘Langkawi 2020 by the sea’ encompassing numerous aspects such as cultural performances infused with Langkawi Cultural DNA, Langkawi local food sales, and stage performances. The ceremony ended with the highlight launching of ‘Calendar of Events 2020’ (COE2020).

The event was predominantly unique as its organising involved the participation of both local community and tourism industry players of Langkawi. It also became a symbolic statement of readiness by the island’s tourism industry in accepting the challenges of Visit Malaysia Year 2020 campaign.

The launching ceremony was utilised as a platform to promote the future events to be held in Langkawi throughout 2020 to tourism industry players, tourists, and local community. It also provided the opportunity and time for parties involved to design promotional holiday programmes and packages suitable with the scheduled events. The event held was also a huge added value to Langkawi’s industry players, tourists, and locals.